Blog Post Ideas For Producing Fresher, Quality Content in 2018


To catch the attention of search engines your website needs lots of content, basically as many blog post ideas as one can physically muster… So let me share a few with you…

Yep, you need content…This is nothing new; we heard it over and over. But if you want to attract targeted visitors to your website, you must generate and add fresh content that is useful and engaging. You must control the quality of your content and keep them fresh by updating frequently if you want your audience not just to visit, but to enjoy and stay on your website. It has been found in a recent study that websites 20 or more blogs are added per month get 434 percent more indexed pages, 97 percent more inbound links and 55 percent more audience compare to websites where blogs are added less frequently.

Only 20 targeted blogs per month on your niche bring such result. What could you-you achieve if you add some other additional content like case studies, videos, podcasts, white papers, in-depth articles etc.? No doubt you will be more popular to your audience if you could add and keep your content interesting and fresh. As a result, your website will be more attractive to search engines. And search engines will direct the bigger audience to your website.

It is not difficult to get quality fresh blog post ideas and content for your blog or/and website. You can get them in many ways. However, it is important to identify your audience and your niche before you create any content. Once you know about the desire of your target audience, produce content that they would love to see. You must be regular though in producing content though. Promoting your content is also important.

Curate Content – There are lots of high-quality contents written by experts in almost every niche in different websites. All you need to do is find out some useful, engaging and quality contents in your niche and post separate blurbs summarizing those contents. Make sure you link the blurbs to the content source directly. This will give your audience a one-stop-shop experience as they will find the content or the links of the sources of contents related to your niche on your website.

Hire Ghostwriter – If you are a professional writer then you might not need anyone else to produce content for your site. But if you are not, and you are still struggling to come up with good blog post ideas, then it is better not to write the content yourself. Otherwise, the quality of your content might be low. In that case, you can get help from a ghostwriter who is able to produce content in your desired style. There is no problem with getting help from ghostwriters as long as they sell all the rights of content. It will cost much lesser than you might be thinking. You may start with a small project to test few writers.

Blog Daily – You do not need to make your blog very long. Try to keep it between 300 and 750 words. Try to create the blog post that is introductory in nature and cover big topics briefly. Use the casual voice that connects your audience directly. You may consider your voice to post a recorded audio or video blog. You might find a lot to say.

Mix it Up – All of your content do not need to be text only. It is better to mix it up. You can use different forms of contents including videos, podcasts etc. Currently, infographics are gaining huge popularity among the audience. It is quite easy to create infographics using different tools like Visualize, Google Developers, and many more. You may create infographics repurposing your existing article or blog post that has too much data. In this way, your content will be doubled. Audience like and share this sort of infographics.

It is more likely for you to come up with the huge sum of content if you consider other than the blog. Don’t forget to repurpose your existing content. It is also important to plan content ahead to succeed. You will get more visitors very quickly. Besides, you do not need to look for visitors anymore; instead, they will stick around your website to check out what new you have got for them. See? finding good blog post ideas isn’t that hard after all.

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