A Walkthrough To Use Content Marketing To Build Your Brand




As a matter of fact, the market today is getting saturated. And to outstand from the competitors does not only call for an improvement in product’s value and quality. In such circumstance, content marketing comes as a powerful way to reach out to more target audiences, drive more traffic to the website, develop brand awareness, and eventually improve the sales revenue. The question for then emerges “how can you use content marketing to build your brand?”. This piece of writing, thus, serves no other purpose but to strive for giving you the most comprehensive answer.

Content Marketing – Why Does It Matter?

It improves the brand identity


Content marketing is not all about writing appealing posts to attract the customers. Instead, it is an elaborate work of researching business and product’s concept and values, analyzing performance stats, and synthesizing data. Via content marketing, marketers get to acquire a deep understanding of their audience, offers, and organization.

It gives you the direction of your marketing action plan


Strong content enables you to craft out the purpose, strategy, and tactics for the entire marketing action plan. It fuels your decision making in every step of the plan, reinforcing your set of belief in the value of your brand. Brand awareness is not just about getting people to know the name of your brand. Rather, it’s about how people understand the qualities and highlights that can set your brand apart from the competitors.

It helps you to engage your target customers


There’s no doubt that content marketing is the root to engagement. People come to find you because you sound interesting to them, they feel like you have the exact thing they want. And we all know that a boost in brand’s online exposure is the direct link to the success of the business. Marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,…, all of them serve no other purpose but to provide you an ever-growing client database.

How To Use Content Marketing To Build Your Brand – A 5-step action plan

Purpose & value propositioning


For any content marketing campaign to succeed, it’s crucial first to define the purpose and the value of it. The importance of starting with the value and objectives is that they help you to tell powerful and authentic stories about the brand and its offerings. In other words, compelling purpose and value make your message clear, consistent, and brand-relevant.

It’s also worth to know that content marketing alone is not all about promoting the offerings. Instead, it is a mean by which you inform your target customers about the values and quality highlights based off of their insights.
It’s then fair to say that content is excellent at communicating the purpose. Thus, crafting the goals for your campaigns is essential to align your effort to build the audience base. In short, purposes and values drive the content strategies, and those strategies are to help you communicate the purposes and values.

Audience research


Understanding your audience is an indispensable step in any content marketing strategy. As you have a grasp of the characteristics of your target audiences, you will know what kind of content will attract them, and eventually how to use content marketing to build your brand. To understand the audiences, it’s ideal to know who they are and where they like to spend their time online.

Demographic attributes of the audience are the components for you to structure your content. If you are selling digital products, your targets should be digital marketers, designers, website owners, online entrepreneurs.

Also, knowing the audience’s online tendencies makes it easier for you to tailor your content to their interests. Specifically, you should exert your effort in identifying the sites, posts, topics that your prospects spend most of their online time on. Audience research helps you to connect with your target customers by addressing their needs and wants for the content.

Strategic planning


An elaborate strategic planning will facilitate the productiveness of the campaigns. To create a strategy that is highly engaging, it’s crucial to focus on the story. You can build the brand awareness by reflecting where you started, what inspired you, how you have been thriving with it, what you believe in that parallels with the company’s values.

Your stories can be in different forms – blog posts, pages, videos, images, downloadable guides, webinars, email newsletters, etc. When producing the content. It’s ideal to create a schedule to keep your plan on a proper track. To be detailed, this step calls for 3 criteria:

Unique and relevant content
Diverse topic
Competitive offers

Content marketing effectiveness tracking


With any strategy, it’s important to set the metrics and review them periodically. This reviewing have no other purpose than give you the bird-eye view of what your campaigns and content are performing. There are five ways to track the content marketing effectiveness.

Engagement – The content should be highly engaging to the audience so that it can attract their attention and loyalty to the brand. The engagement can be seen in the number likes, comments, reactions, shares, and subscribers.

Click-through rate – The number of people click on your CTA buttons, who they are, and what information they are most interested in.

Distribution – The exposure scale your brand is enjoying, the number of views you have for each post.

Sales – Conversion rate and sales revenue

Brand online presence – How your brand is being perceived by the target audience, what are the differences (if any) between what they think of your company and what your company actually is.

Monitoring & correcting


Analyzing the results you got from the tracking phase will enable you to understand what techniques and campaigns are performing well and what do not. As a result, you can improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of your marketing effort.

Similarly, you will see which content and which pieces of the content are working to bring you traffic on each marketing channel. You can then capitalize on those are valuable to your brand or research on a new approach to help your content convert better.

Final Thought

Regardless of your niche, it’s always necessary to know how to use content marketing to build your brand. The key to deploying a content marketing strategy is a proper action plan. With serious effort and time investment, your content can attract massive loads of high-quality traffic and boost the conversion rate. Hope my writing help you with your content marketing work, thank you for reading.

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